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Mobile Communicator GO How to Guide

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Communicator GO Versions

This guide includes features and options that are only available in the latest version of Communicator GO, which at this time is v6.6. Please ensure that Communicator GO has been updated to this version to enable all the features described.

Installing Communicator GO

Logging in

Communicator GO requires an email address, password and server address to login. These details are managed via the CloudPBX extension and can be emailed directly to the user from the CloudPBX. When the app is opened and is in a logged out state the user will be presented with a login page where the details can be entered in manually.

NOTE: The user will be prompted to change their password if it has been set/reset via the CloudPBX. 

QR Codes

QR codes can be scanned to automatically fill in the required details to login. To scan a QR code press the Scan QR button on the login screen of the app. Then point the phones camera at the QR code and once the phone has scanned the code the details will be automatically filled in.

These are available from the following methods.

If the an email has been sent from the CloudPBX it will contain a QR code that can be opened on another device and scanned. This QR code can only be used once because the user will be required to change the password.

If the user is already using and logged into the desktop version of Communicator. This code can be used every time it is required as it uses the current password

Press the hamburger menu ⋮ top right > Show Login QR Code. This will display a QR code that can be scanned.

Log into the CloudPBX and navigate to the extension.

Under Authentication User Password > click the Show QR Code button. This button is only available if the password is visible in clear text. To enable the button the password will need to be reset and saved before it will be available.

Once button is available a QR code will be displayed that can be scanned.

Once you have scanned a QR code and the information has been filled in, press Login.

Setting a New Password

When you log into Communicator GO for the first time with a temp password, you will be asked to change the password.  The Next button will only enable once the password has been confirmed and meets the password strength requirements. After changing the password you will be logged in.

Password Strength Requirements

System Security Prompts

After successfully logging for the first time you may be prompted for several system security prompts to allow certain functions such as do not disturb, record audio, manage phone calls, access to contacts. These are prominent on Android devices and are required for the application to function correctly. Please accept/grant access as long as you are ok with Communicator GO having the required permissions. If any are denied Communicator GO may not function as expected.


Callback is useful when Communicator GO is having issues registering, or when the data quality is low or poor. When making a call via the callback function the CloudPBX will call your normal mobile number (eg 0412 345 678) and once answered will then make a call to destination number and join the two calls together. The called party will see your normal Communicator GO CLI and not your mobile number.

When starting Communicator GO for the first time you may see a tip pop-up about callback with the following options

To Set Callback Number

To set/update the callback number

Multiple mobile number can be set by pressing the  hamburger menu ⋮ top right > Add Number. However only one number can be active at a time.

To Make a Once off Callback Call

To make a call using callback after entering a number on the dial pad long press the call button.

Calling Methods

In Communicator GO, calls are primarily made using a data connection and the SIP protocol (aka VOIP). An alternate to this is callback. The data connection can be either via WiFi or mobile data, however these connections are treated differently.

From the dial pad the colour of the CALL button will give an indication of how the call will be made

NOTE: Callback is only available if a callback number has been set (see Callback section) and a suitable connection is available.

  • Left Image – Call will be made using SIP Protocol. This is the normal operation.

  • Middle Image – Call will be made using callback. This is typical if on a mobile data connection and Use SIP over mobile networks is turned off.

  • Right Image – Calling from Communicator Go is unavailable. This is due to Communicator GO not being able to communicate to the CloudPBX.

Ongoing Call

During a call using Communicator GO the following options are available:

NOTE: If a normal mobile call comes in during an ongoing Communicator GO call and is answered the Communicator GO call will automatically be put on hold and when the mobile call is ended the Communicator GO call will be automatically resumed.

Transferring a Call

There is two options when transferring a call

Transferring to Another Number

To transfer the call to another number

Transferring to Another Device

To transfer the call to another device, from the Ongoing Call screen, press Options > Switch Device.

Then select the desired device from the list and press OK

The selected device/s will start ringing where you can answer and continue the call.

NOTE: Any external numbers listed on your extension will also appear on this list

NOTE: Any external numbers listed on your extension will also appear on this list

Conference Calls

There is two ways of creating a conference call.

From an Existing Call

To create an ad hoc conference

Instant Conference

To create an instant conference

NOTE: with the v6.6 update for Android only contacts from the directory can be selected when creating an instant conference, it is suggested for conferences with only external parties that a call be made to the first party and additional parties are added in. This has been reported to the application vendor.

Managing a Conference

To manage the conference from the ongoing call screen, press Participants.

Directory and Contacts

Contacts within Communicator GO are viewed through the directory page by pressing Directory at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a screen where the multiple contact lists can be viewed using the buttons along the top of the page.

Toggle between these lists by pressing the double arrows ⇄

The Central Phonebook can be synced with the CloudPBX by pressing the refresh button ↺

Searching Contacts

On each of the pages there is a search button in the top right of the screen that will search the current visible list for faster access.


Extensions from the internal directory can be added to the favourites list for faster access when making a call and transferring etc.

To add an extension as a favourite


Departments are a way to group extensions within the CloudPBX for easier management and filtering. In Communicator GO internal contacts can be filtered by department. Departments are created and managed from within the CloudPBX, contact you system administrator for more information.

From the Internal Directory page

Call Parking

here is no call park feature in Communicator GO however you can still use call park via access codes. As such there is no way to visually see if calls are on park or any details about a parked call.

Parking a Call

See Transferring a Call for more information

Retrieving a Parked Call

NOTE: It is assumed that all access codes are using the CloudPBX defaults. Contact your system administrator if your CloudPBX is using alternate codes 

Call History

Call history is synced between Communicator GO and Communicator Desktop applications. To access call history on Communicator GO

The icon will indicate if the call was received, dialled or missed. Pressing on an entry more information will be displayed. Pressing the phone icon 📞 on the right of an entry will call the number.


Within Communicator GO voicemails (VM) are managed from within Voicemail section accessed from the menu. When a new VM is left, a notification will be displayed on the menu button of Communicator GO.

Accessing Voicemail

Listening to Voicemail

From the Voicemail screen

Deleting Voicemail

With a VM open 

From the Voicemail screen

Archiving Voicemail

With a VM open 

From the Voicemail screen


An instant chat feature is available for chatting between all Communicator clients. The chat history is synced between the various sessions logged in with the account. When a new chat is received, a notification will appear in the system tray of the phone and also on the Chat icon at the bottom of Communicator GO.

To Access Chats

Starting a Chat

From Chat Screen

From a Contact Card

Sending Attachments

From within a chat session

Group Chats

From an Existing Chat NOTE: this will create a new group chat

From Chat Screen

Group Chat Options

From the information page for a group chat the following options are available

Renaming the Group

Starting a Conference Call with Group Members

Managing Members

Options to Leave Group or Delete Group are also available from this screen

Chat Session and Message Options

Long pressing on a chat session displays options to

Long pressing on a message displays options to

Voice Messages

Message Status Indication

All messages are first sent to the server before being sent to each party. Next to each sent message is combination of tick marks ✓ or a clock 🕔 to indicate the status of the message.


The presence of other extensions is viewable within Communicator GO and is displayed as a little icon on the lower right of the avatar. In addition to the icon a short message can also be set, this is displayed on the contact card.

Presence Statuses Icons Are

Setting Presence

Available Statuses are

Options are

To Set Presence

To Set Presence

Changing Avatar

To change your avatar

NOTE: There is no way to delete an avatar image in Communicator GO


Communicator GO dashboard incorporates call information and easy control of Enhanced Services. The Dashboard is accessed by pressing Dashboard at the bottom of the screen.

From the Dashboard the following information and options are available.


This is a summary of the settings menu, to access the settings menu 


Settings General

Settings Security

Settings > My Phone Numbers

Settings > CallBack

Settings > Profile

Settings > Theme

Settings > Sounds

Settings > Licences

Settings > Storage and Media

Settings > Feedback

Settings About


Settings General