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The importance of VOIP-based office telephone systems in today’s world cannot be stressed enough. A reliable phone line is paramount to the success of any business. From talking to clients to hearing customer feedback, business telephone systems help keep the communication flow in an organisation streamlined.

At Sip Solutions, we provide customised solutions for VOIP phone systems in Brisbane and all over Australia. Our team will help you install SIP phone systems and provide ongoing support and maintenance throughout. Choose your telephone plan as per the needs of your business.

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Must-Have Features for An Office Telephone System

Effective communication is the first lesson taught in every management school. All channels of communication must be kept open and must be well-attended. Business phone systems in Australia are in demand because they have made business communications much easier. VOIP-based phone systems allow for many useful features, such as call forwarding, call recording, diverting to voicemail, music on hold, etc. Here are some essential features of an office telephone system.

Keep an automated record of all incoming and outgoing calls. Capture all your phone calls and make sure no call is missed ever.

Auto record and save all your phone conversations digitally. Listening to these audio files can help you to improve customer service.

Transfer and direct your calls to the relevant person using a voice menu system. By installing business telephone systems, there is no need for a person to answer the calls.

Keep your callers engaged while they are in a waiting queue by playing custom music or announcements.

Voicemail messages from your phone get sent straight to your email inbox. Listen to them on the move anytime, anywhere.

Distribute the incoming phone calls among the available phone lines based on their relevance after the caller has clarified their purpose.

Conduct important business meetings on the phone. Office telephone systems allow you to speak to multiple people simultaneously with high-quality conference calling functions.

Connect your SIP phone system to your mobile device and receive all business calls. This allows you to conduct your business from anywhere, anytime.

What are the Benefits of Having a Business Phone System?

IP phones in Australia are typically more cost-effective than traditional phone line systems. They are especially cost-saving for startups or small businesses.

Business telephone systems are easily scalable. They can be upsized or downsized to meet the changing needs of a growing business.

SIP phone systems offer several attractive features such as call recording, call forwarding, auto-receptionist, voicemail to email, etc. These features can also be customised to meet the specific needs of any business.

Your phone systems in Brisbane can be accessed by users worldwide if they have the right access. This allows greater flexibility for employees to work from any location.

VOIP-based office telephone systems are more reliable than traditional phones, as they can be used in adverse weather conditions too. They also have more secure lines.

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