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A Leading Australian Business VoIP Solution

SipSolutions is a Leading Business VoIP Provider in Australia

SipSolutions was built from the ground up to provide Voice over IP, SIP, and Data Networks with unparalleled service in an industry where service was no longer a priority. Companies like the Samsung Communications Centre, ITT Communications, and SEQ Communications have chosen SipSolutions to be their primary provider of SIP and VoIP Services. Through these partnerships, SipSolutions has welcomed many key organisations as customers.

SipSolutions core mission is to provide all our customers with the best possible service at the lowest possible rates.


First and foremost, we do not use any automated attendants and demand that our customers are answered by staff members locally who can handle their enquiries and have the capacity to attend to their enquiry. 

We directly employ technicians in the field who can attend site to address or rectify any issues should they occur.  

We believe in providing full-service delivery, from installation to ongoing support and maintenance of our solutions.

Businesses more than ever are embracing technological innovations that make it easier to communicate and manage a business. The right communications platforms and partner must improve service levels, realize business growth, and minimize infrastructure expenses. There are so many choices, that purchasing decisions are becoming more and more complicated. Our job is to provide the service to help and support companies through this process.
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SipSolution representatives are available to assess your business requirements and make recommendations that will save your business money whilst increasing your levels of service and functionality.

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SipSolutions is a Leading Business VoIP Provider in Australia

SipSolutions is an Australian business VoIP provider delivering its Cloud PBX with all features and functionality included free as part of the service. SipSolutions are dedicated to offering high-value business features including call recording, conferencing, auto-attendant, simultaneous ring/one number, vFax (known as virtual fax, faxmail or fax to email) voicemail to name a few without the additional of per user license costs. The SipSolutions model is pre-pay only which is favoured by most cloud solution providers worldwide. As a SipSolutions customer, you are able to up or down grade your service to suit your business needs, and you don’t get locked into any contract for the hosted solution. 

Get an IP Telephone System that will change the way you conduct business

SipSolutions hosted VoIP PBX service has extensive features and functionality all included in the one low price. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to ditch your ISDN lines and start using all the features you’re currently being charged for, for free, and immediately have a small fortune off your current phone bill. As a Business VoIP Provider the services we offer in Australia are all designed to help you save money and change the way you conduct your business. We understand how important it is for businesses to cut costs and save money wherever and whenever possible. We’ve designed our VoIP phone systems so that they can immediately reduce your overheads and increased your profitability.

The Cloud PBX difference

SipSolutions bring to the Australian business marketplace an award winning Cloud PBX (also known as a ‘hosted PBX’ or a ‘virtual PBX’) solution built on carrier-grade technology specifically designed for high quality business VoIP.

When you choose SipSolutions Cloud PBX for your business you are making decision to enter a new realm of telecommunications – SIP trunking technology which now replaces fixed line services such as ISDN. The cost savings are just one significant benefit of this new technology, and a very important one, with calling related charges being reduced by up to 65% for many customers. 

How Secure is SipSolutions Business VoIP?

Understanding SipSolutions VoIP Security

Toll fraud is an issue not just for Telcos but any enterprise with their own PBX system. We monitor all international calls with additional monitors to a basket of known fraud routes across eastern Europe, the middle east and much of Africa. If we detect fraud we immediately disable all international to those known routes with immediate notification to the customers and or resellers. 
We have not a single compromise against a SIP registration customer, as the process of validation and encryption between us and your end points is difficult, if not impossible to hack. 
While Peering is the most scalable mechanism for connecting between you and us, it’s also the most vulnerable as it means exposing your WAN IP address to the public Internet. Unless you are comfortable with firewall hardening we recommend speaking with SipSolutions tech support prior to publishing your WAN address as we have a number of practical best practices for SIP Peering over the public Internet. 
This is a layer2 product with no public Internet access supplied as either ADSL, EFM or Fibre. The routers remain the property of SipSolutions, and are locked, with no other access accept via our LNS which themselves are very secure. We strongly recommend this service, as it provides both a dedicated voice route as well as removing any vulnerabilities to SIP fraud. 
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