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Grow Your Business with Phone Systems in Sydney

Your phone lines are an integral part of your business. Operations can come to a standstill if your business phone goes down anytime. So, you need reliable and dependable phone systems in Sydney to run your business successfully.

At SIP Solutions, we understand the importance of small business phone systems. Maintaining consistent telecommunications is paramount for every organisation, especially for its sales team. We provide large and small businesses with customisable, cost-efficient, and efficient business phone systems in Australia.

Boost Efficiency with Business Phone System

Business phone systems have come a long way – thanks to technological advances. Gone are the old days of landline telephones and unclear voice calls. Now, we are in the age of SIP phone systems. PBX-hosted phone lines and VOIP technology have become the norm for business telecommunications. They are more reliable than land telephone lines, cheaper, and provide better voice quality. 

Your business needs a working phone line to make sales calls, answer customer queries, receive feedback, and to manage internal and client communications. SIP Solutions provides you with IP phones in Australia that can be customised to suit your business needs. 

No matter the size of your business, we offer cost-efficient and flexible small business phone systems. We give you phone features that help streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Auto Attendant

Transfer and manage calls with an automated voice menu system. No need for a receptionist or telephone operator.

Music on Hold

Keep your callers engaged while they wait in line to speak to a concerned person.

Call Recording

Save all your phone conversations in a digital audio format to build a better customer experience.

Call Accounting

Capture all your incoming and outgoing phone calls and track their durations, usage and costs.

Voicemail to Email

Rreceive all your voicemail messages directly to your mail inbox. Listen to them anytime you need them on your mobile device.

Conference Calling

Conduct your meetings over the phone and enjoy high-quality voice calling.

Hunt Groups

Allow your callers to make choices using an automated menu and then distribute the incoming call to the relevant person.

Calls from Anywhere

Receive your business calls wherever you go on your mobile device – enjoying the full features of a business phone on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on the type of phone system you choose, your size of business, the number of extensions you need, the technology you want, etc. To get a cost estimate, call our experts today.

Most modern business phone system solutions offer you excellent voice clarity and uninterrupted connections. They are more reliable and chapters than traditional telephone lines.


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Technical Support

We will answer your product specific questions such as product usage of your devices, or symptom resolution, etc.