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We live in the digital age, where most businesses depend on reliable and uninterrupted internet connections for seamless operations. From VOIP-based business phone systems to cloud computing, wireless networks play a big role in the functioning of an organisation in today’s age. So, data cabling services are needed to maintain steady telecommunications. 

At SIP Solutions, we take pride in providing you with the most advanced and customisable solutions for your business telecommunication needs. From setting up SIP phone systems to installing data cabling in Brisbane, our team is equipped to do it all. We have ACRS-registered data cablers who ensure that your office follows compliances set by the Australian Communications Authority. 

Whether you need a reliable and cost-effective solution for your business phone system in Australia or want to upgrade the data cabling infrastructure in your office, our experts are ready to help you.

Get Reliable Business Phone System with Data Cabling Services

A working phone line is essential for running a successful business. From making sales calls to answering customer queries, organisations often use the phone line. Outdated landlines with below-par voice quality is no more enough. Business phone systems have become more popular in the last few years – using either VOIP technology or a hosted PBX. They are more reliable, cheaper, and have better voice quality. 

But you need a good and steady internet connection to maintain an up-and-running phone system. SIP Solutions offers reliable and premium quality data cabling installation services to ensure your business never faces any broadband problems. 

Handle the demands of your wireless devices and experience uninterrupted usage with optimal speeds thanks to our data cabling services. 

Telecommunication Systems

IP phones in Australia need strong and working internet connectivity to work well. Our team can design and install the required cabling solutions to suit your business telecommunication needs. No matter what technology you use, we can install the best data cabling for you.

Intercom Systems

Intercoms are very useful in managing internal communications. We have ACRS-registered data cablers to install the suitable data cables required to support your wired and wireless intercom devices.

Voice and Data Cabling

Your data cabling infrastructure is responsible for all – internet connectivity, wireless devices, CCTV wiring, telecommunication lines, etc. We install, repair, and maintain your voice and data cabling systems to ensure seamless operations all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data cabling installation is needed to ensure uninterrupted telecommunications and wireless connections. These data cables transmit electrical signals through the network, which are used for various devices.

The cost for data cabling installation varies depending on your business needs. The type of cables used, the number of devices to be connected, the size of the business – all of it affects the final cost.


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